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home of Simon Hall, the author of a series of wonderful childrens books centered around Tom and Holly, and their adventures aboard steam trains.

After the great success of Simon's first book, Trouble on the Watermeadow Line, Simon has just published his second, Crossing Time on the Blueberry Line.  Keep your eyes peeled for more to come!

Trouble on the Watermeadow line

On a beautiful summer's day, Dad, Mum, Holly and Tom leave their cottage in the woods for a happy outing aboard a steam train.  But not all is as it seems on the sleepy railway as it winds it's way towards the coast.  Amongst their fellow travellers are two magicians; Davisto and Kathandra, whose help is sorely needed when the train is hijacked by a desperate group of pirates, let by the dreadful Cap’n Spike and the even more fearsome Aunty ‘Orrible….. 

Crossing Time on the Blueberry Line

On enjoying a quiet day out on the Blueberry Railway Line, the family unwittingly cross the mirror of time.  With the help of mighty Pegasus the flying horse - who solves problems only to offer the weary travellers yet more riddles - colour drains away to leave a black and white world in its wake.  Will magicians Davisto and Kathandra return to save the day?  Will Pegasus bring the family safely back through the Mirror of Time? And will Pip EVER be left to have an uninterrupted sleep?

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