About the Author

Simon Hall

Simon Hall began writing stories for children when his two were quite small. “Trouble on the Watermeadow Line” is the first book in an ongoing series, the next four volumes of which are already in development. Keep a look out for: Crossing Time on the Blueberry Line The Wizard of Bodiam Castle, The Purbeck Fossil and The Crystal Ball The High Rocks Railway

Simon is a qualified tree surgeon and consultant and is normally to be found at work in the woods of south-west Surrey.  Simon also works as a wood turner, producing bowls, platters and other items from a range of seasoned hardwoods. Simon recorded a number of songs with the band Kambium playing live shows across the south-east of the UK for eight years in the 1990’s. 

Part of the earnings from this book are donated to the Railway Children.

The Railway Children is an international children's charity working with street children in India, East Africa and the UK,  to find out more, please visit the logo:

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